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            About Us
            Uvision Technology Ltd

            Uvision Technology Ltd founded in 2006, we have been committed to the sales of semiconductor equipment, spare parts and consumables in semiconductor packaging; Manufacturing of precision parts and semi-conductor parts; 

            The group's subsidiaries cover Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and many other subsidiaries, involving in the business of semiconductor equipment research and development and manufacturing, semiconductor intelligent factory, second-hand machine repair and renovation, precision processing and so on. Widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, microelectronics, optical information display and data storage manufacturing.

            At the same time, the company focused on semiconductor packaging automation applications, and to provide overall factory more than domestic RFID information technology (electronic storage shelves), intelligent electronic warehouse, cooperation and development of the project such as intelligent transportation robot, there are many successful cases.

            We have professional sales team, maintenance team and R&D team .We will provide you with professional sales support , technical maintenance and excellent system integration solutions.

            Business Scope

            Widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, microelectronics, optical information display and data storage manufacturing. 

            Used Equipment
            Semiconductor Test Interface
            Precision Manufacture
            Spare Parts
            Intelligent Factory

            Professional to provide semi-conductor assembly and testing  equipments' recovery, modification and sales.

            We have complete semiconductor Test interface service, which provides the design and manufacture of Stiffeners, Docking, Manipulator, Test Socket.

            Semiconductor industry precision parts design, manufacturing, processing, sales as one, meeting the customer's various needs.

            Focus on providing customers with semiconductor packaging, post-process spare parts and supplies, and equipment parts maintenance and debugging.

            We are engaged in the development of semiconductor packaging automation application, providing you with professional sales support, technical maintenance and excellent system integration solutions.

            Contact Us
            Uvision Technology Ltd

            Add: Rm 814, NO.5588 ,Cao 'an Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China

            Tel:+86 21 58886448      +86 13182712576(Mr.Zhou)

            Fax:+86 21 58886440      Email: