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            Flat Holder
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            1.The skeleton adopts full imported spring stainless steel, the processing technology is complicated, the convex point is seamless welding;

            2.The plastic bag is imported from the United States.

            Advantages: Strong sealing; Corrosion resistance; The gel does not fall off easily; It does not affect the conductivity of the wafer.

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            Notch Holder 8"

            Application: NEXX Stratus 200/300 Plating System

            1.The label adopt silk-print barcodes.

            Advantages: corrosion resistance, easy to use, long life;

            2.Oring is made of fluorinated rubber.

            Advantages: corrosion resistance , Strong elastic;

            3.The main body  is made of  PVDF;

            Advantages: corrosion resistance, difficult deformation ,burr-free

            4.Spring is made of Titanium alloy material

            Advantages: corrosion resistance ,Strong elastic,Light-weight,Adopt 0.08 mm wire cutting process.

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            Notch Holder 12"
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            Conversion Kits
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            Mater Parts
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            Rubber Tip
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